The Windborne

This is our first week with the Windborne

Windborne Up Close 8'-8" Beam 15 HP Outboard Starbord Stern 2,200 lb keel
Depth and Speed fresh water in Keel to hull Rudder Port Side Self Port trate
Lisa 100_4697 Matt Sails Getting Ready Up
Hatch down Matrix roller furling tree sailing Mainsail
tharr she blows Genoa folding bailey cradle cocpit lisa car
mover jack'r up up she is tharr she goes! dry sailing waiting at the bay
sling moving boat frogger sling line'r up 100_4742
hoist away avoid the paddle swinging Lisa & Dick almost wet wet at last
Eventually we discovered that the batery leads were swaped.
Oh Captain My, Captain No leaks Not starting choke, neutral, ... Sailing!
He's the guy that sold us the boat
Under way way under Dougnuts in the parking lot Dick Mulvey Genoa hoisting
More hoisting damm wind! rigging Roping Roller Furrling mainsail
Main Sheet Drop the main buttoning up lunch Lisa Lunch Torrensen Marina
Neighbors swan Lisa below Looking Forward Looking Aft Porta potty
This is our very first shakedown.
Lisa on deck Matt and Dick Captain Matt Starbored aft Lisa at the tiller
Muskegon Lake
First mate and dick Sailing into the sunset Cross Winds B Dock Slip 69 Tied up
Cabin Door Forward out Radio and Electrical Safety Depth and Speed
compas switching radio B Dock South reflection quiet
calm masts lisa on step sans 'e'