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Stewart Energy in Ontario has a hydrogen generation unit that operates as 360psi.

360 psi is equivalent to a water depth of about 760 feet.

Power Consumption for (Electrolysis) in units of (kWh/100scf) [standard cubic feet} (11.05 kWh/100scf)

The power supply is Power Supply 380 - 600 VAC / 50 - 60 Hz, 3 phase

Hydrogen Output in (scfh)[standard cubic feet per hour] (1748-2280)

imagine this monster:http
Submerged at the bottom of 760' tube just churning out H2. The remaining calculation is to convert its 2000 scfh output capacity of H2 into a pressure dispersed volume across the full length of a 4" tube. What is the resulting density of the water column? What buoyant force does that represent? is it more or less energy than the 11.05 kWh/100scf?

2000 scfh output
11 kWh/100scf = 210 kW required.