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The Beer Vacuum  

1 - clear drinking straw
1 - Pair of Scissors
2 - clear beer glasses (tall as possible)
1 - teaspoon of salt
1 - 12 pack of light colored beer (MJD, Bud, etc)
1 - set of tweezers (optional)

1) Take one of the beer glasses and fill it with one of the beers. Drink it at your leisure throughout the rest of the experiment. Repeat as needed up to 10 times. (Save at least one beer for the rest of the experiment).

2) Fill the other glass with beer. Watch the bubbles rise. Notice that they seem to come from certain "origin" points... that's were there are scratches or impurities on the wall of the glass. (see side bar to the right).

3) Wait until the head is gone in your experimental glass and most of the bubbles have stopped.

4) Use the scissors to cut the straw to one inch less than the depth of the beer in your full experimental glass.

5) Pour salt into palm of left hand

6) With right hand, take the straw and dip the end into the beer so it gets wet. Then dip the wet straw into the salt. Get about 1/8 inch of salt up into the straw. Then carefully wipe off any salt on the outside of the straw.

7) Drop a few grains of salt into the beer and watch the stream of bubbles rise from them.

8) HERE WE GO -- with a pair of tweezers, or your fingers, carefully submerge the salted straw all the way into the beer. Notice the huge stream of bubbles coming out of the top of the straw. Some of the salt probably fell out of the bottom of the straw and made a mess of bubbles on the bottom of the glass.

9) THE VACUUM - maneuver the straw around the bottom of the glass and watch how the stream of bubbles in the straw create a vacuum effect at the bottom of the straw so you can suck up the other grains of salt!






When the first iteration of step 1 is complete try this to impress your friends: stick your index finger in your ear or other waxy place, then write your name on the inside of your beer glass with it (backwards). Fill the glass with beer and watch the show. Oooh.