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Side View of a flight feather looks like a thin airfoil
Top view shows the lateral curve
The pole "Quill" is 60" long

Red tail hawk feather
I started by applying a bend to one cheap fiberglass fishing rod with a lenght of string like one of those 1980;s "String-art" projects.
Red tail hawk
Then I used tape and hot glue to hold them together. (just a proof)

This is just proof of concept. Now I know you CAN attach two tapered rods to to form a curved 'Quill"

In the process I learned the four basic parameters of a fishing rod:

  1. Action (how much of the rod bends)
  2. Power (how much energy is required to bend the rod)
  3. Butt Diameter (inches)
  4. Tip Diameter (in 64ths of an inch)

For the final project I would use carbon fiber insetad of Fiberglass, and permenant adhesive instead of hot-glue. I'd start with "blanks" that don't have any 'eyes'.

Estimated cost: 24 feathers = 48 rods @ $30 = $1,440