3D modeling is clearly NOT my forte`. This simple image took me three hours to create. One hour went just to creating the bent tube frame, but notice that it does offer the pilot a modicum of protection.

I went to see the Polar Express the day after making this model and I stood humbled by their technical prowess. I highly recommend it to any armature modeler.

This image is intended to show the "cage" which serves as the 'body' of the bird supporting the pilot and the wings. This is not a good representation of the wings.

I'm open to any suggestions. and I'm also wondering how heavy this would be. It doesn't account for shuttling the pilot forward and back during the flapping stroke to maintain the center of gravity.

I'm also not showing the intended action of the arms. Eventually I will provide a linkage to the wings pitch control.

Blue elements are Aluminum tubing. I need help with the gage, dimater, specific material.