2007 First Half


We keep our kayaks down at the boat
I took this shot with a flash from our dock
this is the before shot
I coated it with clear resin
We call the Autohelm R2D2. Lisa is R1
Kayaks Night fish The hatch Before Hatch -After Lisa & R2 Capt'n Matt
This is Mayor Mike's new boat. We call it City Hall
You can see the old boat in the distance
Not really over the boom
The Boom Tent connects to these Drings on the front Shrowds
Made in the Shade
Big hair Mike's new boat New & Old Boom Tent D-Rings Shade
It lifts with the Main Halyard from two points
Walking the plank
Double lift Lilly boat Mike and Crew Dock's end Mike Stephens
Ricki likes the Island Time's grandson Tylor
Get me out of here.
We finally will hang out on the dock.
The table top came with the boat and mounts in the cabin
But we didn't have anything to use in the cockpit
Kisses Oh boy Hanging out relaxing Tiller Table Tiller Table
The 'Fork' hooks onto the autohelm post on the tiller. Then the wings keep the tiller centered.
The top slides on with a dovetail
Small blocks keep it centered
The wings fold up and it stows in a berth box
All the comforts of home
Function Mounting Center Stoage   Yeah
We call him Patti Mike, Not to be confused wtih Mayor Mike or Terri Mike
Here's Patti. Patti Mike's wife.
Matt & Mike Patti Christy & Cliff New Curtains Peek-a-boo Chuck
After a week in the Hotel California
Kevin and Linda come to meet the weary sailors
Craig explains the proper grip to use on a bottle of rum
New Blew Boat blue curtains
Pure heaven Pure Heaven landing Landing Party Craig Curtains Before Curtians After
Paul is doing the Diny dance
She let it go after a while
After Dinner
Curtains Baby Muskrat Dingy Kid fishing Kid's Fish Paul & Melanie
Paul Melanie Melanie & Lisa Paul, Melony & crew    
Tom & Jackie
A many good sailing stories were shared by all.
I build the doors out of Mohogany plywood and the trim from solid Mohagany
building the Companionway doors
I put bungs in over the screws
Dinner on Chog'n Bud & Alene Captin Matt New Companionway doors Work shop Bungs
They store under the aft berths
John Foster on Elly flying the spinniker
Check the gps logs
Lisa's Flag from Key West 20 years ago
Companionway doors Stowage Starboard Elly Mike & Marry Arrrrr
I LOVE sailing!
Big Turtle   Little Duck